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Inform your customers of your best practices against the pandemic with the label <<ride safe against covid-19>>.

Following the onset of COVID-19, security and the fight against the pandemic have become the priority of people in their choice of mobility solution if we refer to theMcKinsey study.

Become an effective actor in the fight against the spread of the epidemic and take advantage of the market recovery.

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Why benefit from the label ?


Inform your customers

Reassure your customers by showing them that you care about their well-being and their health.

Use the label freely

Benefit from the label at your convenience whether on your website, on your cars, or during your marketing campaigns.

Be part of a strong ecosystem

The sector needs to be united against this pandemic. Take advantage of unified and strong communication around the label.

Get the label in 2 weeks

Our certification process is quick and requires no resources from you. With 4 simple steps, you can get certified within two weeks. Do not wait any longer!

Download the conditions for obtaining the label

A label supported by the public authorities

The label is supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and by France Mobilités. You thus have access to a reliable label supported by the competent authorities to make a difference in your communication.

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